Synthetic Nicotine

What is Synthetic Nicotine?

You have likely heard by now that the vaping market has given us yet another term to learn: synthetic nicotine. Synthetic nicotine, also known as tobacco-free nicotine, is exactly what it sounds like: nicotine made using synthetic means, which contains zero traces of the tobacco plant, and is not in any way derived from tobacco.

Several customers have asked… Is synthetic nicotine better? How is it made? Does it satisfy cravings just as effectively as traditional tobacco-derived nicotine? As a business we cannot make any health claims. What we can tell you is the FDA is working to regulate tobacco products, containing nicotine from any source. Now manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers of tobacco products containing synthetic nicotine must follow all rules associated with tobacco. That means they can’t sell these products to people under 21, or market them as low-risk tobacco products without authorization. They also cannot distribute free samples of these products.

What is Synthetic Nicotine Made of?

Synthetic nicotine is created in a laboratory in order to completely mimic the nicotine alkaloid found in the tobacco plant without using any tobacco derivatives. Advanced molecular technology allows chemists to simply rearrange molecules found in existing plant compounds in order to create a pure nicotine that’s identical to that which we’re already used to in the tobacco plant. The base ingredients for this synthesized process can differ depending on the manufacturer. It is very important that adult consumers shop with a reputable retailers that sources quality products with quality ingredients.

Synthetic Nicotine Products

Synthetic nicotine is becoming more and more popular right now, and more and more companies are therefore using it. A lot of very well-known vaping brands have either switched over completely to tobacco-free nicotine, or they’ve created alternative lines of their most popular products with this form of nicotine instead of that which comes from tobacco.Synthetic Nicotine: E-liquids made with synthetic nicotine are becoming extremely popular, and are easier to find than ever before in both bottled form and in disposables. One can find synthetic versions of both freebase nicotine and salt-based nicotine in order to continue enjoying the type of nicotine that they prefer.

Synthetic Nicotine Pouches: Synthetic nicotine pouches exist as an alternative nicotine delivery method for chewers and those who prefer not to vape. These discreet, travel-friendly pouches contain synthetic nicotine blended with other plant based ingredients, and allows the nicotine to absorb through the oral tissue when placed between the inner cheek and the gums.

Buy Synthetic Nicotine at Central Iowa Vapors

Synthetic nicotine has been around for years and is coming back around. Synthetic nicotine allows you to experience nicotine to satisfy daily cravings, without having to depend on the tobacco plant in any way. Make sure to check out our tobacco-free alternative, and explore the synthetic nicotine offered in-store and online.