Best Vape Shop in Des Moines

Best Vape Shop in Des Moines, Iowa

Central Iowa Vapors was voted best vape shop year after year by the CITYVIEW voters. None of this would have been possible without our team, our customers and the industry. Our deep passion fuels our work and guides what we do. Our passion and dedication reaches far out into our diverse community and BEYOND the walls our stores. We want to give a big thank you to all the voters.

It’s voting time for 2023 and we would greatly appreciate your vote. Cast your vote prior to November 14, 2022 by visiting CITYVIEW, category DSM Best Vape Shop #84!

Best of Des Moines!

Vote Central Iowa Vapors Best Vape Shop in DSM. Voting Ends November 14, 2022

As a company our goal is to be Iowa’s most reputable and authentic vape shop and hemp retailer. Central Iowa Vapors takes pride in uploading high standards to provide value in everything that has our involvement. As a company we are always exploring and embracing opportunities through  science and technology. This allows us to grow and be proud of what we’ve built as a team. If you’re an adult smoker, chewer or struggle with stress, maybe even sleep we invite you to come visit Central Iowa Vapors. Our vape shops offer a wide range of products from electronic cigarettes, disposables, e-liquids, devices, CBD and Hemp Derived THC edibles, tinctures and topicals leaving you with RE-LEAF.

Feel free to browse our new arrivals and stop in. You will be greeted by a knowledge employees that will help guide you through your entire purchase. Be ready to expect a welcoming environment with lots of smiles. See you soon and always remember… “It’s not smoke, it’s vapor”!