3950 Center Point Road NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Store Phone: (319) 294-3244

Store Email: [email protected]

Store Manager: Alex B.

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Monday: 10:00a-8:00p

Tuesday: 10:00a-8:00p

Wednesday: 10:00a-8:00p

Thursday: 10:00a-8:00p

Friday: 10:00a-8:00p

Saturday: 10:00a-8:00p

Sunday: 12:00p-5:00p

Located in Cedar Rapids

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  • Must be 21+ year old
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About Central Iowa Vapors Cedar Rapids

Iowa’s Trusted Vape Shop

At Central Iowa Vapors, we only carry the best quality products on the market. We do this because we care about ensuring that you receive products that will not only last but also provide you the effects you’re looking for. Our policy is that we won’t sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Vape, THC & CBD Products that locals love

Our inventory is primary focused on vape and THC/CBD related products – encompassing vape disposables, coils, e-liquid, tanks, edibles, tinctures and topicals. Central Iowa Vapors is the leader at providing high-quality, cost-effective products that help adults rid the use of combustible cigarettes and wellness options that target sleep, focus and relaxation.

Supportive, Knowledgeable, Friendly

Our vape shop stands out from other vape shops because of the team members. The moment you step through our doors, you’re welcomed by one of our exceptionally knowledgeable employees. Each employee is highly attentive to your needs, making sure you feel welcomed and comfortable throughout your shopping experience.

If you’re in the Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha or Covington area stop in and visit us. Central Iowa Vapors can’t wait to guide you through our competitive selection.

We’ve made it easy to find us. With multiple locations, Central Iowa Vapors has more stores within minutes. Call now to learn more.

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Central Iowa Vapors
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John SmithJohn Smith
01:54 24 Jun 24
Great staff, inventory, and prices!
Ryan LentRyan Lent
23:52 19 Jun 24
Matthew LechtenbergMatthew Lechtenberg
23:35 19 Jun 24
Great and friendly staff! There rewards program is amazing and then there the manager. What a rock star!!! I love this place!
Robin MorrisRobin Morris
18:48 02 Jun 24
Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. They had what I wanted. I will definitely be back
Antonnio GiannettoAntonnio Giannetto
20:29 27 May 24
Great service and knowledge. Nice rewards program from regulars, good prices for quality vape/ vape accessories
James WhiteJames White
04:25 18 Mar 24
George LordGeorge Lord
13:24 15 Mar 24
Mike LindenbergMike Lindenberg
16:55 13 Mar 24
Came in wanting to quick smoking & Alex hooked me up with an epen that fit my budget & style. Was super helpful & knowledgable in helping me pick out the right fit for me.
Tim ProctorTim Proctor
15:00 08 Mar 24
I've been in a dozen or more times over the years and have had good enough experiences that I returned.They have a multitude of various sub-ohm and pod devices, kits and supplies on hand and a knowledgeable staff to assist as you navigate your way to fulfilling clouds good enough to help you leave the cigarettes behind. I purchased several devices here, juice, salts and coils and could always count on CIV to find the right liquid or the coil I needed for whatever obscure Chinese rig I brought in.The last couple of times I popped in were disappointing though. (many months ago)I purchased an inexpensive mod kit here then though to stock up on fluid and so wanted a very high nicotine juice/salt to fill it with (l love nicotine and enjoy massive doses, have for many years) but after explaining this to the counter person and requesting a 5% salt, much to my surprise, he refused to provide it stating that he can't let me use that salt in this device as it would be way too strong. I honestly thought he was joking at first.I will be 60 in October and I can take care of myself without your intervention Officer Nicotine Narc! I went down the road and purchased what I needed. Ridiculous.The next time I walked in I was shopping for a new device and when I pointed to one I was interested in and simply asked for the price the (different guy) said. "I don't know". I gave him a bit to qualify his statement with a possible explanation why not or maybe a "let me find out".Nope, he was done. That was our conversation and I determined that we had wrapped up our business together so I went down the road again.The last two visits knocked a star off but I'll be back eventually and anticipate that we'll get back to 5 stars but hopefully the owner/s will see this and take pause when deciding who they let run the shop. If I encounter a third fool at the helm I'm afraid I'll abandon ship and swim up the road. They charge a premium price here and I expect exemplary service in return. A fair deal providing it is available every time.
Every time I come here it’s like they have a new employee who is more arrogant and lacks more critical thinking skills than the last. The amount of pretentiousness of every person I’ve ever talked to in this store is astounding, you work at a vape shop making a little more than minimum wage you need to take yourself down a few notches little guy.
Kari O'DonnellKari O'Donnell
17:52 06 Mar 24
Jessica was very knowledgeable. I got what I went in for. I will be back!
Halen OnlineHalen Online
03:13 04 Mar 24
Clean shop, friendly people. Jess was very knowledgeable, gave me a lot of good information. Keep up the good work.
Randy RobertsonRandy Robertson
21:16 12 Feb 24
The only place I go for all my vape needs. Store is always clean and organized. Jessica and Jessi are also always able to help me figure out the right coils, and the best tasting liquids. They really know there stuff
Olivia StevensOlivia Stevens
00:47 11 Feb 24
I always have a good experience coming in, I love that they give a hero discount to Healthcare workers, and Jess was super friendly, knowledgeable and considerate when helping choose which vape will work best for me when switching from vuse pods.
Alexis AnnAlexis Ann
02:13 10 Feb 24
This place is great, and it has so many choices. The employees are always willing to answer questions. Alex was really helpful in answering all of our questions today! We will definitely be back!
00:21 09 Feb 24
Charlie OplingerCharlie Oplinger
16:23 23 Dec 23
Kluck KatieKluck Katie
15:16 09 Dec 23
Best vape shop in town. I've been going here for years and they are always so nice, very knowledgeable and always love their selections. The only issue I've ever had is they are frequently out of the coils I need but that's not their fault, I just tend to come on a day they haven't had a shipment yet and they always have them ordered. Highly recommend!
Joe StoenJoe Stoen
10:56 05 Dec 23
Angie ReidAngie Reid
02:21 04 Dec 23
Kathy RommesKathy Rommes
05:51 14 Nov 23
Tommie BTommie B
00:12 21 Oct 23
Friendly staff. Didn’t make me feel dumb for asking questions
Joshua SmithJoshua Smith
20:26 04 Sep 23
Great selection of disposables and machines, fair pricing
Lauren KaminskiLauren Kaminski
13:25 28 Aug 23
Kaylie ReedKaylie Reed
02:31 11 Aug 23
I'm impressed with the experience I had at Central Iowa Vapors! I came into the store having a general idea of what I wanted and was looking to make a quick transaction without spending too much money. The employee who helped me was extremely knowledgeable about their products, attentive to my needs as a customer, and provided friendly & efficient service.
Erik HunterErik Hunter
12:12 09 Aug 23
My order was not complete.Central Vapors responded immediately a d sent me missing item.Excellent customer service
Vincent MossmanVincent Mossman
13:18 12 Jul 23
Joe ShepherdJoe Shepherd
22:32 12 May 23
Purchased multiple different items from their website......the shipping was fast and everything was as it should be.
Beth ToddBeth Todd
16:33 10 May 23
I have been ordering from Central Vapors for quite some time now I absolutely love their products and they do great with Summer service and making sure you are happy with what you have received I will continue to purchase from them they have great pricing as well! Definitely recommend them as your go-to! Not to mention it is very hard to find the kind of Vape juice that I prefer glad I always have them too fall back on!
Love this place. Easy to ask for recommendations, and staff are friendly and attentive
Richard RobertsRichard Roberts
16:07 24 Dec 22
(My experience is with salt nic and salt nic devices.)Your experience depends on the person working the counter as some are wayyyy better than others. The selection of devices isn't as large as most other vape shops so for those I go elsewhere. They do have most lf the coils and their juice selection is ok. One of the only "vape shops" on this side of town so they have that going for them. Very nice and clean inside with places to lounge.
Erik HammerErik Hammer
23:27 20 Nov 22
Years and years of service, and most recently, the juices I buy are no longer available, and even more recently, one of the employees doesn't pay attention. Asked for watermelon today, confirmed the brand twice, was given chilled remix instead. Unacceptable.
Tyler MillerTyler Miller
23:51 10 Oct 22
Scammed out of 20 bucks they sold me a broken vape and I didn’t open it till I got home but since I left the store they couldn’t do anything and tried to offer for me to buy another 20 dollar vape. Never returning again.
Tamra CrankTamra Crank
21:37 10 Oct 22
Not pleased at all since the old crew left this store. The guy behind the counter wouldn't talk just stood there staring, picking at his face. I told my husband that I would just order juice online.... the guy needs to get better customer service skills!!
David FendleyDavid Fendley
18:54 11 Sep 22
Great little shop here. Got a vaping lounge and store was clean and organized. The guys working there were friendly and helpful. I got what i went there for. Found some blueberry custard i cant wait to try. Oh and they fixed one of my vapes for me.
Kyle KolsrudKyle Kolsrud
00:03 14 Aug 22
Haven't been to a single vape shop where customer service isn't great. This one included. I think there is a different set of selections compared to others but I can't say it has more. Prices are better than others which is the main reason I will keep going back.