How to recycle your disposable vapes

How To Recycle Your Vape

HYVE and Central Iowa Vapors are teaming up to test pilot a recycle program focused on the recycling of HYVE disposables. This initiative aims to offer consumers a safe and responsible solution for disposing vape hardware. By joining forces, HYVE and Central Iowa Vapors are committed to promoting sustainable practices and ensuring the environmentally friendly disposal of vape products.

The process of recycling a HYVE Disposable begins when customers bring their devices to any Central Iowa Vapors location. Trained staff members disassemble each device, carefully separating the aluminum frames from other components. These aluminum frames are then collected and sent to specialized recycling facilities equipped to efficiently process and recycle aluminum. The remaining components including batteries, are taken to certified e-waste recycling facilities. This ensures that hazardous materials are handled and disposed of properly, aligning with our commitment to environmental safety.

Take Action! 

Participating in our recycling program empowers HYVE users to contribute to waste reduction and minimize the environmental impact of vaping. Recycling aluminum and other materials not only conserves natural resources but also mitigates the greenhouse gas emissions associated with extracting and manufacturing new materials.

In addition to our recycling program, HYVE actively promotes responsible vaping practices that further enhance environmental sustainability. We advocate for the use of rechargeable devices, which can be utilized multiple times, thus reducing the quantity of disposables entering the waste stream. This shift towards rechargeable devices also minimizes battery consumption, thereby conserving valuable resources and reducing environmental harm.

Sustainability lies at the core of our mission, and we continually strive to improve the eco-friendliness of our products and operations. We are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that minimize waste and advance the principles of the circular economy. Our recycling program is just one facet of our comprehensive approach to environmental stewardship.

We extend an invitation to all HYVE users to join us in our commitment to protecting the environment. By participating in our recycling program, you ensure that your HYVE Disposables are responsibly and efficiently recycled, making a valuable contribution to the preservation of our planet’s resources and the reduction of waste. Together, we can create a positive impact on the environment and forge a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Stop into Central Iowa Vapors and recycle your vape?

  • All vapes purchased and brought back into any Central Iowa Vapors are recycled in compliance with EPA standards, ensuring safe and environmentally friendly disposal. This helps prevent batteries from ending up in landfills, where they can release harmful chemicals into the soil and water systems.
  • Central Iowa Vapors is committed to supporting environmental initiatives by accepting vapes purchased at any Central Iowa Vapors location and ensuring their properly dismantled and recycled.
  • Our recycle program encourages customers to participate actively in reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Remember, every action counts. Let’s recycle responsibly and be a part of the solution for a greener tomorrow.