Finding the Ideal THC Dosage

Dialing in the right dosage of THC can make the difference between a perfect high and straight up not having a good time. Too little can leave you wanting more and too much can put you on the floor, so you want to find that Goldilocks dosage that is just right. Figuring out that perfect dosage involves a lot of factors, from your own biology to the way you like to ingest your THC. We have all the information you need here at Central Iowa Vapors to make sure you get it right every time.

When it comes to perfect THC dosing, no two people are identical. Because THC affects a person through interaction with their uniquely tuned endocannabinoid system, a variety of biological factors can impact the strength of the dose. These factors include:

  • Body weight
  • Tolerance
  • Metabolism
  • Gender
  • General health
  • Gastrointestinal factors

People with more body mass can often tolerate a higher dosage of THC and experienced users sometimes need higher dosages to achieve the desired high. A high-powered metabolism can increase the onset of effects as well as speed up the timeframe in which the body processes THC and returns to its normal state. Because of an array of organic differences, THC affects biological females differently than it does males, including a higher initial sensitivity for females, a quicker development of tolerance for females, and a higher susceptibility to “the munchies” in males. You can read more about the gender differences in THC usage here. When using THC medically, the bioavailability of THC can be altered by the disease you’re hoping to treat the symptoms of, so sometimes a higher dose may be necessary to experience the desired therapeutic effect.