Here’s how to earn Vape Bucks®!*

  1. For every $40 you spend, you earn $5 in Vape Bucks®!
  2. Use your Vape Bucks® at any Central Iowa Vapors retail store, during the redemption period.
  3. At checkout, your Vape Bucks® will be deducted from your purchase total.
  4. Simply shop and earn money at the same time!

Upcoming Vape Bucks® dates:

Earn: August 10th-17th
Redeem: August 24th-31st

Earn: September 7th-14th
Redeem: September 21st-28th

Earn: Oct. 5th-12th
Redeem: Oct. 19th-26th

Earn: Nov. 2nd-9th
Redeem: Nov. 16th-23rd

Earn: Nov. 30th-Dec. 7th
Redeem: Dec. 14th-21st


How will I get my Vape Bucks?

If you earn Vape Bucks in store, you’ll get a printed coupon.

How do I redeem my Vape Bucks?

At checkout, the coupon barcode for Vape Bucks will be added to your order, and the value of your Vape Bucks will be deducted from your order total. Promotion dates are based on Central Time and your Vape Bucks is only valid during the redemption dates specified. Please note that Vape Bucks will be applied prior to percent-off total purchase discounts.

Can I use expired Vape Bucks?

We’re sorry, Vape Bucks can only be used during the redemption dates for the promotion on which it was earned. It can’t be used before or after the redemption period printed on the coupon.

What if my Vape Bucks is lost or stolen?

We’ll try to help! If you have the receipt from the purchase that earned the Vape Bucks, we may be able to find the ID number for your Vape Bucks and see if it’s been used. We can only do this if you have your original receipt. There is no guarantee.

Vape Bucks is not legal tender. No cash back. Vape Bucks Earn: Customer will receive a $5 Vape Bucks Coupon for every $40 spent in a single transaction during the stated earn window. Vape Bucks Coupon is earned on the amount of customer purchases after all applicable discounts are applied and before tax is imposed. Qualifying customer purchases exclude the purchase of Gift Cards. Vape Bucks Redeem: Coupon can be redeemed during the stated redeem window with any other offer. Vape Bucks Coupons and other dollar-off discounts will be applied prior to percent-off total purchase discounts/coupons. Vape Bucks Coupon may not be redeemed (1) on purchases of charitable items; (2) to purchase Gift Cards; (3) as price adjustments on prior purchases or (4) to pay for any services or fees, including taxes and shipping. If product purchased earning a Vape Bucks Coupon is subsequently returned or price adjusted, the value of the Vape Bucks Coupon previously earned and/or the amount of the product refund will be reduced to reflect any unearned value. Return value of product purchased with a Vape Bucks Coupon may be subject to adjustment. Coupon is nontransferable. See associate for details.